Episode 16: Ryan Leaf, Browns-Ravens delivers & Josh Allen is ELITE

The #2 pick from the 1998 NFL Draft, Ryan Leaf, joins the show to talk about the Jets ongoing quarterback drama, what impresses him most about Josh Allen, why a 6-0 USC team would deserve a College Football Playoff bid…and college kids eating sushi off nude models! Plus, a monologue all over the Browns and Ravens delivering the NFL’s game of the year on Monday night, and my final word on the biggest threat to Kansas City’s repeat attempt in the AFC: the Buffalo Bills. Don’t miss this one!

Episode 10: Jake Asman, World Series & Clare is the WORST Bachelorette

Sports Map Radio’s Jake Asman joins Joe to talk about his recent Joe Namath interview that’s been making national headlines, using Twitter to get Le’Veon Bell to the Chiefs and his disappointment with the Yankees! PLUS – a monologue all over the World Series and why pitching will prevail and why Clare is the WORST bachelorette in the show’s history! Joe also looks to right the ship after a 2-5 week and have his picks make you some $$$.