Episode 17: Wild Card Weekend, Lindor’s a Met & Betting with B-Lang

New year, new logo for Ceraulo Sports Talk! Joe’s first monologue of 2021 is all over the best team to take the field for Wild Card Weekend (the Bills) and the best game of the weekend (Baltimore-Tennessee). Plus, a three-part final word on Monday night’s upcoming college football championship, Joe’s updated Super Bowl pick and what’s to come in Queens after the additions of Francisco Lindor & Carlos Carrasco for the Mets. Brandon Lang joins the show for some playoff picks as well, so don’t miss it!

Episode 15: Ken Rosenthal, the Steelers Aint It & Sarah Fuller on Women in Sports

MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal joins the show to discuss the advantages that baseball’s financial deficit gives the Mets, the top available free agents and the story behind his famous bowties. Plus – a monologue all over why the Steelers should be the most concerned 11-0 team in NFL history, and Vanderbilt’s history-making kicker, Sarah Fuller, joins Joe for his Final Word on women in sports!

Episode Four: Stay Hot, Rocket

Ceraulo Sports Talk is back from a vacation and all over the best night in sports in a long time! All over the disappointing ending to Donovan Mitchell’s season, Jayson Tatum’s emergence as a superstar, who the real MLB trade deadline winner is and why the Islanders cup run is still on.

PLUS – Jared Carrabis joins the show! Hear how he got the nickname “Rocket,” who the best wingman in the MLB is and which city surprisingly lands on his shortlist of best party towns in the MLB. Only on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Ceraulo Sports Talk 2-7-20

Joe’s back from Miami, and he’s all over why the Chiefs absolutely should not wait to give Patrick Mahomes a record-setting contract extension! Also all over why Tom Brady SHOULDN’T go to the west coast if he leaves New England, NBA trade deadline winners & losers and why NOT to hand the Dodgers the NL pennant just yet. ONLY on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Hey Syracuse, Step Right Up and Meet the Mets

The New York Mets acquainted themselves with the city of Syracuse Tuesday, home of the organization’s new triple-A affiliate.

The team held a free open workout at the Carrier Dome, the university’s arena which has seen greats like Donovan McNabb and Carmelo Anthony grace its floor since 1980. The workout featured almost everyone who will be on the Opening Day roster, however, one notable member of the team was not in attendance.

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Van Wagenen all in on 2019 season

With the Sandy Alderson era officially over, the New York Mets introduced former CAA Sports agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, as the 13th general manager in team history yesterday.

Van Wagenen’s hiring is certainly outside the box, as he comes with no experience in an MLB front office. However, he has ample experience dealing with front offices from the other side, and should provide the Mets with a fresh, modern perspective that the team has been without.

Alderson’s time had come. Earlier this year, he announced his cancer had recurred and had stepped down from his position mid-season. His team’s performance had also declined considerably the last two seasons after appearing in the 2015 World Series and making the postseason again the following year. Although the time was right for the Mets to hire a new GM, Alderson should be remembered for his incredibly successful tenure in Flushing.

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Can the Subway Series save the Mets’ season?

As both New York baseball teams prepare to battle for the first of two three-game sets this year, the only similarity that can be found between them right now is the state they play in.

An 11-1 start for the Mets seems like ancient history at the moment, as the team currently sits at 27-32, good for fourth in the NL East. During the season’s first two weeks, rookie manager Mickey Callaway seemed to possess the Midas Touch, as every move he made worked beautifully.

Since then not only has the team struggled terribly but every move Callaway makes, logical or outlandish, seems to backfire.

The Yankees, who started the year 9-9 had their own rookie manager, Aaron Boone, heavily critiqued during the team’s early struggles. Since then not a word has been said as they’ve put up a 31-9 record since their long-ago days of .500 ball.

The Mets need much more than just these three games to get back in the playoff race, but here’s what this series could potentially do for the little brother in New York…

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