Episode 12: World Series Recap, La Russa Unretires & the Return of B-Lang

The World Series is over and the Los Angeles Dodgers are world champs for the first time in 32 years! Joe’s all over the worst night of Kevin Cash’s life, Dave Roberts and Clayton Kershaw finally getting their rings, why Blake Snell should want OUT of Tampa, why Mookie Betts should’ve been the series MVP and, of course, Justin Turner’s absolute irresponsibility. Plus, Joe’s final word on why Tony La Russa needed to stay retired and Brandon Lang returns from a three-week hiatus to help make you some money. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Reactions to a Wild Week 7 & the Rays Aint Dead Yet!

We’ve got an extra episode of Ceraulo Sports Talk! Week 7 served as the wildest week yet in the NFL this season, and Joe’s all over it on this Overreaction Monday. From the heartless Dallas Cowboys to the choking hazard known as the Atlanta Falcons, Russ Wilson’s uncharacteristically bad primetime performance and everything in between, Joe touches on every game so far this week! Plus, the Rays aren’t dead yet. In fact, they might have the advantage in game six and a potential game seven, so don’t miss this week’s extra episode of Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Episode 10: Jake Asman, World Series & Clare is the WORST Bachelorette

Sports Map Radio’s Jake Asman joins Joe to talk about his recent Joe Namath interview that’s been making national headlines, using Twitter to get Le’Veon Bell to the Chiefs and his disappointment with the Yankees! PLUS – a monologue all over the World Series and why pitching will prevail and why Clare is the WORST bachelorette in the show’s history! Joe also looks to right the ship after a 2-5 week and have his picks make you some $$$.

Ceraulo Sports Talk 2-7-20

Joe’s back from Miami, and he’s all over why the Chiefs absolutely should not wait to give Patrick Mahomes a record-setting contract extension! Also all over why Tom Brady SHOULDN’T go to the west coast if he leaves New England, NBA trade deadline winners & losers and why NOT to hand the Dodgers the NL pennant just yet. ONLY on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Harper to the Phils: Why Each Side Could’ve Done Better

Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies made history yesterday, as a record-setting contract brought the 26-year-old slugger to one of his former divisional foes. The deal, at 13 years, $330 million, is the largest contract in the history of the four major North American sports. It also includes no opt-outs and a full no-trade clause.

So, what does this deal tell us about Harper and the Phillies?

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Sox-Dodgers: Two of baseball’s most storied franchises meet up with everything on the line

Who said money can’t buy you championships? As two teams with top three payrolls in Major League Baseball get ready to square up for a world title, here’s what you need to know…

This year’s World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers will be the second time these two franchises have met with a championship on the line. The last time they played, the Red Sox defeated the then Brooklyn Robins in five games.

The 2,982 miles between Fenway Pahk (yes, that was intentional) and Dodger Stadium will account for the most traveling teams have ever had in the Fall Classic. The distance between those two stadiums narrowly edges out that of Candlestick Park and the Old Yankee Stadium in the 1962 World Series.

Neither of these teams are strangers to October baseball. The Red Sox’s eight World Series wins have them tied with the Giants for fourth most in MLB history. The Dodgers have won it all six times, good for sixth on that list.

So, with the history of this series covered, how do these two teams match up?

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