Ceraulo Sports Talk (Podcast) 12-13-19

If you thought that just because I’m off the radio until January 24th that you wouldn’t hear me, well, you were dead wrong! Ceraulo Sports Talk is back! Here’s episode one of a six-week podcast series keeping ME going and keeping YOU informed. This week, I’m all over:

  • Lamar Jackson locking up the NFL’s MVP race after last night’s win over the Jets.
  • A great spot with the creator of the Instagram page Mr. Met’s News! Tom Seipp has over 10.3K followers on the page and recaps an incredible week of MLB Winter Meetings with me!
  • And, of course, my Ceraulo Pick Six will aim to make you some money, coming off a tremendous 6-1 record just a week ago.

Only on Ceraulo Sports Talk!