Two Days Away: Updated NCAA Bracket

EAST (Washington D.C.)                                                    WEST (Anaheim)

Columbia, SC                                                                        Salt Lake City

1 Virginia                                                                                1 Gonzaga

16 Iona / Fairleigh Dickinson                                             16 Norfolk St / PV A&M

8 Iowa                                                                                     8 Washington

9 Temple                                                                                 9 Baylor

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Best of The Director’s Cut: 3/11/19

Joe & Isaiah discuss the following in a “best of” addition from Monday night’s show…

  • AB to the Raiders
  • Whose stock went “Boom or Bust” at the NFL Combine
  • LeBron passed Michael on the all-time scoring list; can he catch Kareem?
  • Who wins the A10 Tournament in Brooklyn this weekend?
  • Bracketology: Who the guys have on the right (and wrong) sides of the bubble…

PLUS, Isaiah almost has a stroke on-air when he finds out how much his Jaguars are paying Nick Foles!

Tune in!

Selection Sunday: Six Days Away

Welcome to the week of Selection Sunday! Some teams already know they’re locks for March Madness, while others rely on this week to play their way in. Four teams have punched their tickets, so let’s see who else should complete the field:

1                                  2                                  3                                  4

Virginia                       Duke                           LSU                            Kansas

Gonzaga                      Kentucky                    Michigan                  Florida State

UNC                           Texas Tech                  Houston                      Nevada

Tennessee                    Michigan State            Purdue                    Kansas State

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