NFL Mock Draft 2019

One of my first articles on this site, nearly a year ago, was a team-by-team evaluation of the 2018 NFL Draft. This year, my article comes in minutes before the first round. We’ve waited months to see if Kyler Murray can defy the odds to go first or if defense will dominate this draft. I say yes to both. The wait ends at 8 p.m. EST.

Before I release my final mock draft 4.0, here are a few predictions:

  • For the fourth straight year, there will be at least FIVE trades on the first night of the draft. In 2016, there were five. In 2017 there were seven. Last year featured six. The trend continues. That said, I don’t predict trades – *cough, cough* expect the Redskins to move up – just picks.
  • Despite the rumors, the Jets keep their third pick and strike gold tonight.
  • The Giants will be draft night winners IF…they either take Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins sixth and a stud defender like Mississippi State DE Montez Sweat 17th OR if they somehow land Kentucky OLB Josh Allen or LSU ILB Devin White sixth, go either D-Line or O-Line 17th and trade their second-round pick to Arizona for Josh Rosen.
  • Finally, over half of the players taken tonight will be on the defensive side of the ball.

Now let’s go…

1)      Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma – This pick is essentially a lock right now. Murray’s a game changer who throws a lot better than his haters want to give him credit for. He doesn’t have the same size but can change the game similarly to how 2015 MVP Cam Newton did.

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A Green Jacket for Everyone to Remember

Admittedly, I wasn’t always a fan of golf. I still don’t watch much of it on a regular basis. I grew up a three-sport athlete — baseball, football and basketball — from a young age. Golf to me had always been too slow, too old, dare I say it, too boring. Besides, if I could hit a baseball well over 300 feet, hitting a golf ball would be far easier, right?


That perception changed the first time my late grandfather took me on a course. He encouraged my overconfident self to hack away. After all, I knew everything. Nine holes later at Christopher Morley Park on Long Island, all I knew was I embarrassed the hell out of myself.

My grandfather smirked, chuckled or quipped some sarcastic remark each swing I took. Whether it was a drive that sliced into the woods or a downright whiff, I gave him plenty of justification.

If I planned on improving, I’d obviously have to practice more, but I’d also have to watch more golf. There was no better display than the 2019 Masters.

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Hey Syracuse, Step Right Up and Meet the Mets

The New York Mets acquainted themselves with the city of Syracuse Tuesday, home of the organization’s new triple-A affiliate.

The team held a free open workout at the Carrier Dome, the university’s arena which has seen greats like Donovan McNabb and Carmelo Anthony grace its floor since 1980. The workout featured almost everyone who will be on the Opening Day roster, however, one notable member of the team was not in attendance.

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Harper to the Phils: Why Each Side Could’ve Done Better

Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies made history yesterday, as a record-setting contract brought the 26-year-old slugger to one of his former divisional foes. The deal, at 13 years, $330 million, is the largest contract in the history of the four major North American sports. It also includes no opt-outs and a full no-trade clause.

So, what does this deal tell us about Harper and the Phillies?

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