Episode 11: Reactions to a Wild Week 7 & the Rays Aint Dead Yet!

We’ve got an extra episode of Ceraulo Sports Talk! Week 7 served as the wildest week yet in the NFL this season, and Joe’s all over it on this Overreaction Monday. From the heartless Dallas Cowboys to the choking hazard known as the Atlanta Falcons, Russ Wilson’s uncharacteristically bad primetime performance and everything in between, Joe touches on every game so far this week! Plus, the Rays aren’t dead yet. In fact, they might have the advantage in game six and a potential game seven, so don’t miss this week’s extra episode of Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Episode 10: Jake Asman, World Series & Clare is the WORST Bachelorette

Sports Map Radio’s Jake Asman joins Joe to talk about his recent Joe Namath interview that’s been making national headlines, using Twitter to get Le’Veon Bell to the Chiefs and his disappointment with the Yankees! PLUS – a monologue all over the World Series and why pitching will prevail and why Clare is the WORST bachelorette in the show’s history! Joe also looks to right the ship after a 2-5 week and have his picks make you some $$$.

Episode Eight: 2x SB Champ Ike Taylor, Crown the Lakers Now & B-Lang Live from the Hamptons

Pittsburgh Steelers CB Ike Taylor hops on to discuss picking off Matt Hasselbeck en route to his team’s win in Super Bowl XL, how many years Big Ben has left in the tank, having a front-row seat to James Harrison’s SB XLIII pick six & more!

PLUS, no Bam = no chance for the Heat, the Titans are ruining it for the rest of the league and Brandon Lang takes a quick break from the golf course to hop on and win YOU some money. Only on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Episode Seven: All-Pro LB Lofa Tatupu, Mahomes-Lamar pt. III & Heat in 6

Former NFL All-Pro LB & 2x National Champ, Lofa Tatupu, joins the show to talk about letting Russ COOK, working hard but playing harder at USC & his incredible CBD company: ZoneIn!

PLUS – a monologue all over Jaylen Brown blowing kisses to the Heat bench, can Lamar finally beat Mahomes & Brandon Lang hops back on as we both try to make YOU some money (warning: we may not agree on every game, so bet wisely). All that and a final word on the state of this country that you won’t want to miss, right here on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Joey Burrow, LeBron Got Robbed & Brandon Lang Loves the Back Door

A monologue you don’t want to miss! Joe’s all over Joe Burrow’s promising, incredible, primetime debut, why LeBron – in year 17 – should’ve been your league MVP and Joe’s three biggest takeaways from the NFL in week one.

PLUS – Brandon Lang joins the show to talk porn stars & back doors, his HATRED for Stephen Gostkowski and B-Lang & Joe both give their picks to help you cash in this weekend! Enjoy!

Episode Five: Brandon Lang, Jarrett Bailey (again) & OBJ’s Stinky Kinks

Football is BACK, and Ceraulo Sports Talk is all over the NFL’s return, Odell’s stinky kinks, and first dates gone terribly wrong!

PLUS – it’s a special two-guest episode! Jarrett Bailey joins the show again and makes a couple bets with Joe (including a rather risque picture of Joe potentially getting leaked if Jarrett’s Steelers beat Joe’s Giants Monday night). Then, Brandon Lang joins the show to talk week one betting lines, a dark horse MVP worth betting on and how much easier getting laid becomes once you’ve been portrayed by Matthew McConaughey on the big screen.

All this, plus Joe’s NFL playoff predictions in his final word, only on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Episode Four: Stay Hot, Rocket

Ceraulo Sports Talk is back from a vacation and all over the best night in sports in a long time! All over the disappointing ending to Donovan Mitchell’s season, Jayson Tatum’s emergence as a superstar, who the real MLB trade deadline winner is and why the Islanders cup run is still on.

PLUS – Jared Carrabis joins the show! Hear how he got the nickname “Rocket,” who the best wingman in the MLB is and which city surprisingly lands on his shortlist of best party towns in the MLB. Only on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Episode Three: Jarrett Bailey, Free Joe Kelly & WAP

Ceraulo Sports Talk as raw, unfiltered and uncensored as ever! All over why if you don’t like Joe Kelly, you’re the least fun person in your friend group, why Dame Lillard’s shit list is not one I want to be on and my reaction to Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics to WAP.

Plus – my man Jarrett Bailey, co-host of the Laces Out pod, joins the show to discuss some ridiculously biased Steelers takes, which celebrities have the most punchable faces and to rank the top dating apps out there. Only on Ceraulo Sports Talk!