Ceraulo Sports Talk (The Podcast) 3-20-20

Unfortunately, Ceraulo Sports Talk has seen its last days on WSBU-FM as St. Bonaventure’s school year its officially over thanks to the COVID-19 virus.

That said, Ceraulo Sports Talk will live on for the time being as a podcast! This week, Joe’s all over the first few days of NFL Free Agency, and of course, Tom Brady’s new home in Tampa Bay. Times for the show are as follows:

With Brady out of New England, who’s taking the AFC East over? (3:00)

The Ravens still run the AFC North, but it’s time for Cleveland to stop spending & start winning! (13:05)

Houston! We have a problem, and his name is Bill O’Brien. All over that and the rest of the disastrous few days it’s been for the AFC South! (18:48)

The Chiefs are the top dogs in the AFC West, so how can LA, Denver and Vegas contend? (27:13)

Back to Tom – how do the Buccs rank in the suddenly ultra-competitive NFC South? (33:23)

How Todd Gurley leaving LA impacts the Rams and the rest of the NFC West! (39:57)

Why the NFC East is the easiest division to predict in 2020! (45:05)

One giant step backward in the NFC North! (52:33)

Top 5 remaining free agents & their best destinations! (58:10)


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