Ceraulo Sports Talk NFL Draft Special 4-23-20

Joe previews the 2020 NFL Draft hours before the first selection is made and is joined by former first-round pick, QB Jason Campbell AND former All-Pro LB, Lofa Tatupu! PLUS – he’s all over the deal that reunited Gronk with Brady in Tampa, why Jalen Hurts is a PERFECT fit in (listen to find out) and a Ceraulo Pick Six that ranks my top six picks for tonight (full mock below)! Enjoy!


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Ceraulo Sports Talk (The Podcast) 3-27-20

This week, Joe keeps up with NFL Free Agency and how one signing in particular shapes who the favorite in the NFC is. PLUS, a Ceraulo Pick Six that’s up for plenty of debate: With Tom Brady ready to begin a new chapter in Tampa Bay, which QB had the best second act of all time? Joe ranks the top six…and leaves a legend off his list. ONLY on Ceraulo Sports Talk!

Ceraulo Sports Talk (The Podcast) 3-20-20

Unfortunately, Ceraulo Sports Talk has seen its last days on WSBU-FM as St. Bonaventure’s school year its officially over thanks to the COVID-19 virus.

That said, Ceraulo Sports Talk will live on for the time being as a podcast! This week, Joe’s all over the first few days of NFL Free Agency, and of course, Tom Brady’s new home in Tampa Bay. Times for the show are as follows:

With Brady out of New England, who’s taking the AFC East over? (3:00)

The Ravens still run the AFC North, but it’s time for Cleveland to stop spending & start winning! (13:05)

Houston! We have a problem, and his name is Bill O’Brien. All over that and the rest of the disastrous few days it’s been for the AFC South! (18:48)

The Chiefs are the top dogs in the AFC West, so how can LA, Denver and Vegas contend? (27:13)

Back to Tom – how do the Buccs rank in the suddenly ultra-competitive NFC South? (33:23)

How Todd Gurley leaving LA impacts the Rams and the rest of the NFC West! (39:57)

Why the NFC East is the easiest division to predict in 2020! (45:05)

One giant step backward in the NFC North! (52:33)

Top 5 remaining free agents & their best destinations! (58:10)


Ceraulo Sports Talk 2-21-20

The NFL has a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on the table, and Joe’s all over what he loves – and what he loathes – about it! PLUS…why he’s sick of hearing MLB players continue on about the Astros, how last summer may have set the Nets back years and why Saturday night’s fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury is sure to be an all-timer. ONLY on Ceraulo Sports Talk!